Case Studies




  • Prior enclosure design was produced in stainless steel and weighed approximately 40 lbs. v
  • Magnesium was selected as new material for four components on final assembly. Final Assembly weight needed to be 13 lbs.
  • Precision machining and knowledge of tight-toleranced magnesium components necessary for success of program.
  • Quick development cycle and need to introduce product to market rapidly


  • Complete machining of magnesium electrical enclosures
  • Complete machining of magnesium panel support used in optio-electronics assembly
  • In-house high level assemblies prior to full system integration of electronics
  • Developed automated bonding process for carbon graphite protective cover to magnesium Front Panel



A medical foundation needed a system to automatically sort and transport up to 20,000 test tubes daily. ‘Standard’ solutions did not give them the flexibility needed to efficiently and safely distribute medical samples from a single collection point to any of its 63 test laboratories.


Vanpro engineers, working closely with the clinic and the manufacturer of the robotic sorting equipment, developed a comprehensive system for handling the wide variety of test tube shapes and sizes. The system includes:

  • Injection-Molded Trays capable of holding test tubes ranging from 7mm to 17mm diameter. Multiple Trays can be bonded together to handle shipments to higher-volume laboratories.
  • Thermo-Formed Racks for transporting multiple Trays in-house.
  • Thermo-Formed Shipping Containers for transporting Trays and Racks to the main test facility.

With the help of the automated sorting system, the clinic expects 20-30% annual growth in the number of samples processed. Vanpro is proud to be part of their growth.

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