Magnesium Machining & Casting Capabilities

VanPro has an established reputation throughout the industry as a world class supplier of precision- machined magnesium components and castings. Very few companies have as much knowledge and industry experience in magnesium machining as VanPro. Throughout the years, this experience has resulted in the development of proprietary processes and procedures to ensure the utmost safety while machining these extremely volatile materials.

Whatever your specific programs may require, our safety record is impeccable. This means that as our customer, you can rest assured your product will hit the market on time without delays due to “unfortunate incidents.” We’re the best at what we do, and safety will always be a high priority.

In addition, our die casting experience and partnerships allows Vanpro to provide the best option for any program requiring a cast magnesium part. Our network includes a wide array of casting services, from magnesium die casting to magnesium thixomolding, and our engineering team can help direct your program to the most cost competitive option. In addition we can provide tooling and gating design assistance to ensure the best possible material costs and CNC production machining options.

Capabilities include:

  • Domestic and offshore casting options
  • Gating and runner design
  • Mold flow analysis
  • CNC Production machining on vertical and horizontal work centers
  • Production prototypes
  • Finishing Servicesincluding:
    • Bead blasting, sanding, deburring, conversion coating, and medium to high level assembly.

Request a quote for the precision machined magnesium parts and components you need, call VanPro at 763-689-1559, or contact us for more information.